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So it’s only natural that changes in the movement – or the inability to feel movement – could cause concern. As you go through the various stages of pregnancy, keep in mind these facts about fetal movements: You might not feel your baby move for the first 20 weeks. 20 weeks and no movement!? 19 weeks today but don't feel pregnant.

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Cant wait to tues for my 20 week scan to make sure all is ok Hi, I'm pg with my first, and remember having a midwife appt at 20 wks where she asked if I'd felt any movement. To be honest, I was the same as you, I couldn't feel anything definite, but then literally within a week I was feeling little flutters and kicks. I'm now 25 wks and feel lots of movement everyday. Hope that reassures you abit.

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No movement at 20 weeks

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The baby's legs have almost straightened, so from now on, he/she will be measured from head to toe. Find out more about week 20 of pregnancy with Flo! During 23 week of pregnancy, your baby moves a lot and might sense that him or her dancing inside the womb.
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Hi there i am just looking advice . This is my second baby and i have been feeling quite a lot of movement from about 17 weeks now at 20 weeks i havent felt any movement for coming on 2 days i went to my midwife and she said heartbeat was fine but iv always been told a heartbeat does not mean a healthy I'm 21 weeks and only now feeling movements. I never got the fluttering or bubbling feeling but found out last week that my placenta is also at the front and high so I'm not too worried any more, have to admit from 18-20 weeks it was worrying me a lot! i started to feel my baby at 16 weeks and then 17-20 was just kinda weak and not too often. all of the sudden at 21 they are much strong and much more often. its not that your baby isnt moving, you just cant feel it. my doctor says that the baby will be about 1lb before you feel movements often.